Rare British Coins for sale plus other interesting coins from around the world. Our most popular pages include George II coins which seem to be particular popular with numismatists and also gold guinea coins, which are particularly spectacular, as well as being very valuable.

We also get a lot of people who have checked the change in their pockets and want to ask the question, what is my coin worth? The Royal Mint have issued many exciting commemorative coins in recent years and continue to do so, and so this is the best place to find out what the coins in my change are worth. Examples include the Beatrix Potter 50p set, NHS 50p, Commonwealth Games 50p and other special limited edition 50p, £2 and £5 coins as well. Some might be worth a lot of money, some might not.

The recently introduced polymer or plastic £5 notes are also creating a lot of excitement with people claiming that certain serial numbers are worth a lot of money. For example, it has been claimed that Five pound notes with low serial numbers starting with AA0 or those with interesting serials such as AK47 or even those including the serial number 666 are worth money.

Coin collecting is a very popular hobby all around the world though and for that reason, you will also see coins for sale from overseas as well. For example, American silver dollar coins and wheat pennies are very well collected.

Queen Victoria rare british coins is another area of coin collecting that remains very popular and in particular, Victorian sovereigns and other gold coins remain very popular, though with the climbing price of gold, these are becoming ever more expensive for coin collectors who want them as collectors pieces rather than gold bullion investments. Thousands of different British coins have been minted through the years, and the huge variety of different coinage is part of what makes it such an interesting hobby from a historical perspective.

Unlike many other organic artifacts from thousands of years ago, coins are resilient and gold and silver coins in particular can sit happily in the ground without significantly decaying, which means that they can be found many many years later and still exhibit traces of the history that surrounded the time when they were originally minted. Going back even further, in addition to rare british coins, Roman coins also form an important part of our numismatic heritage and are constantly being found around the United Kingdom even now. Maybe there is a hoard of roman coins in a farmers field near you just waiting to be found.

By looking at the rare british coins for sale, you can also get a good idea of coin values and of coins to look out for that might be worth money to collectors. The site is constantly updated with new coins for sale so please bookmark us and come back to see this window on the world of rare british coins.

These are some of the questions that might have brought you to Rare British Coins - and we hope you can find the answer on our pages:

  1. What is this old coin worth?
  2. What kind of coin have I found?
  3. What kind of metal is this coin made of?
  4. How can I clean an old coin without damaging it
  5. How should I look after and store my coin collection?

Coin collecting is a brilliant hobby. Enjoy!