What is my coin worth?

Have you checked your change recently and found an interested limited edition decimal coin?  Maybe you've found a Jemima Puddle Duck 50p . Search our site to find out what is my coin worth.

The Royal Mint have issued lots of exciting commemorative coins Do you want to know what they are worth and which coins are rare? Examples include the Beatrix Potter 50p set (the Mrs Tiggywinkle 50p is very popular), NHS 50p, Commonwealth Games 50p and other special limited edition 50p, £2 and £5 coins as well. Some might be worth a lot of money, some might not. Use our search to find out what these coins are being sold for online.

The recently introduced polymer or plastic £5  and £10 notes are also creating a lot of excitement with people claiming that certain serial numbers are worth a lot of money. For example, it has been claimed that Five pound notes with low serial numbers starting with AA0 or those with interesting serials such as AK47 or even those including the serial number 666 are worth money.

12 sided pound coins are now here. These replaced the round pound coins which will mean that they will only have a value to collectors once they are formally withdrawn from use but we are excited about the prospect of a new wave of commemorative 12 sided pound coins which will follow from the Royal Mint.

You will find pages about ancient coins right through to modern decimal coins including many that are still in circulation. George II coins are particular popular with numismatists and also gold guinea coins, which are particularly spectacular, as well as being very valuable.

Coin collecting is a very popular hobby all around the world though and for that reason, you will also see coins for sale from overseas as well. For example, silver dollars and wheat pennies are very well collected.

Coin collecting common questions and answers

These are some of the questions that might have brought you to Rare British Coins and you will find the answers on our site:

  1. What is my coin worth?
  2. What kind of coin have I found?
  3. What kind of metal is this coin made of?
  4. How can I clean an old coin without damaging it
  5. How should I look after and store my coin collection?

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