1980 Queen Mother Coin

1980 Queen Mother Coin

1980 Queen Mother Coin at Rare British Coins

In 1980, the Royal Mint issued a 1980 Queen Mother Coin, a commemorative crown to mark the Queen Mother’s 80th birthday.  The coin features the Queen Mother in the centre, with lions and bows around her. It also has the text “QUEEN ELIZABETH THE QUEEN MOTHER 4 AUGUST 1980”.

Loads of superb coins, tokens, banknotes and coin collectables from England and Britain, including Roman England. I don’t know about you, but most children of my generation were given one of these crowns back at the time. Giving crown coins was a very common thing to do. I suspect that there are many millions of these at the back of drawers and sideboard cupboards all over the world.

1980 Queen Mother Coin for sale – or find out what are 1980 Queen Mother Coins worth.

Here are Queen Mother birthday crowns that you can compare to yours or add to your coin collection.

How much is a 1980 Queen Mother Coin ?

Click any listing for full details. These Queen mother coins are legal tender but they can’t be spent as other coins can. However, some banks will accept them (but you would need to check first) and apparently you can also spend them for goods and services at a Post Office. These crowns had a face value of 25p so you could only expect to get that for them in exchange at best.

Buy or value 1980 Queen Mother Coin.

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