2011 Wrestling 50p

2011 Wrestling 50p

2011 Wrestling 50p at Rare British Coins

2011 Wrestling 50p for sale – or find out what are 2011 Wrestling 50p coins worth. Issued as part of the highly popular and much collected 2012 UK Olympics 50p coin set, the Wresatling 50p is one of the slightly rarer of the series = though it’s still very affordable and should be relatively easy to add to your 2012 Olympic Games 50p coin collection.

What is the price of an Olympic Games 2012 Wrestling 50p ?

Click any listing below for full details. It goes without saying that the value of a 2011 Wrestling 50p will depend very much on the condition of the coin. If it is mint and uncirculated, then it will be worth a lot more than another that has been in general circulation. Coins are easily marked and damanged, and one with scratched and small dents is less desirable to serious coin collectors – but still makes a nice item for a child’s coin collection where the design of the coin might be more important than its intrinsic value. Sometimes there are precious metal editions as well, and obviously if a 2011 Wrestling 50p was struck in gold or silver it would be worth a lot more money, but the Olympic series wasn’t generally issued in anything other than the regular 50p format. You may find them in collector’s cardings, which are nice to have – and protect the coin from damage – but otherwise, these are coins that may definitely turn up in your change, so are worth keeping an eye out for.

Buy or value 2011 Wrestling 50p.

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