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50p Coins at Rare British Coins

50p coins now come in a wide variety of designs. The Royal Mint have issued many exciting and fascinating 50p coins in recent years to mark a wide variety of significant events and achievements and this has made collecting decimal coins very interesting, especially as many of these 50p coins turn up in every day circulation so you need to remember to check your change regularly to see if you’ve found a rare one.

Special edition coins have included sets of 50p coins celebrating major sporting events such as the Olympics, and other very popular versions include the recent Beatrix Potter set, with limited edition and special collectors versions of coins featuring many of her most famous fictional characters such as Mrs Tiggy Winkle, Peter Rabbit and others.

In addition to rare 50p coins we also have Gold coins, silver coins, old milled coins, hammered coins, all sorts of rare coins available.

50p Coins for sale – or find out what are your 50p Coins worth.

Below are sought after and precious genuine 50p coins for sale that we think will be of interest. Many special edition 50p coins also have their own pages so check for those if you are looking for information on one specific 50p coin.

What is the value of a 50p Coins ?

Click any link below to find out more about the coin offered. Look out for special editions as well as coins from general circulation. For example, sometimes these coins are struck in precious metals such as silver or even gold, and in some cases they are minted with a special type of finish to make them more collectible and valuable than ordinary versions – for example special proof or uncirculated strikings.

Buy or value 50p Coins.

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