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The Royal Mint have paid tribute to the thin white duke with a series of David Bowie £5 coins for 2020. This is their latest in their music legends series (which most recently showcased Elton John).

There are four editions of the David Bowie £5 coin, each showing a different package design, and released with a matching poster (so there are four to collect!) The coins themselves are the same for each edition – it’s just the packaging and poster that differ. These are not going into general circulation, they are collectors coins but as they are being issued by the Royal Mint, I am assuming that they do hold a face value of £5. As usual, there are versions struck in a variety of different precious metals, ranging from regular “brilliant uncircilated” versions, through to precious metal versions. The precious metal versions are made to various weights (rather than being specifically £5 coins as obviously they are intrinsicly worth a lot more!) At the time of writing, some editions are only available directly from the Royal Mint – but these will no doubt eventually appear for sale on other platforms as collectors and dealers acquire them.

David Bowie £5 for sale – or find out what are David Bowie £5 coins worth.

What is a David Bowie UK coin worth?

Get more information by clicking on the title below. The value of these coins will depend on demand, as ever, and also on the condition of the coin and its packaging (and poster). Coins that are kept in mint condition in mint packaging will hold their value the best of course. Not that these will be going into circulation – so there should be no excuse for covering them in fingerprints but you never know!

If you prefer to buy your coins directly from the Royal Mint, then please click here to see their full range of David Bowie £5 coins.

Buy or value David Bowie £5.

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