Offside rule 50p

Offside Rule 50p

Offside Rule 50p at Rare British Coins

The Offside Rule 50p was minted as part of the UK Olympic games series in 2011 – to commemorate the Olympic games being held here in the United Kingdom in 2012. This is, of course, a football coin – and as any football fan knows, one of the most tricky aspects of the rules of the beautiful game is trying to explain the offside rule to someone who doesn’t watch football and doesn’t have any concept of why such a rule might need to be used in the game. As football fans know, the purpose of the rule is to ensure that attacking players don’t simply “goal hang” and wait for the ball to be hoofed up to them when there’s just the goalkeeper to beat in order to score. In football, all attacking players have to be level with the last defender when the ball is played forwards, otherwise they are offside and a free kick is given to the defending side.

So what makes the Offside Rule 50p special? Well, it was struck at a relatively low number at somewhere around 1.1 million. That may sound like a lot – and it is in absolute terms of course – but it’s relatively low for a 50p coin. That means these are a bit more collectable than others – but they’re still fairly easy to find – unless you are trying to get hold of a precious metal edition (if there is one) as obviously a gold or silver Offside Rule 50p will be worth a lot more than a regular one that has been in circulation.  Another sought after Olympic games 50p is the 2011 Wrestling 50p.

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