Prince Philip 2021 £5 coin

Prince Philip 2021 £5 coin

Here is a wonderful new coin from the Royal Mint – the Prince Philip 2021 £5 coin.  The coin marks the sad passing of the Prince in April 2021. It was designed by Ian Rank-Broadley FRBS and approved by the Prince himself, and is a lovely commemorative coin celebrating the life of one of our greatest royals.

The coin itself is being minted in a range of different metals including, incredibly, a one gold kilo version which, even more amazingly, has sold out (though the website does say call to order so perhaps they are being minted on demand!)

If you want to buy a Prince Philip 2021 £5 coin for your collection or as a gift for someone, then the best place to buy it right now is directly from the Royal Mint.  The range starts at a reasonably inexpensive £13 for a brilliant uncirculated coin (at the time of writing).

Click here to go to the Royal Mint website to view the Prince Philip 2021 £5 coin range

Alternatively, if you want to look out for people reselling editions of the Prince Philip 2021 £5 coin that are no longer available directly from the Royal Mint, then please see below for what is currently available on Ebay to buy (click through with no obligation to purchase).

During the pandemic, most people are using coins and cash in general far less frequently. This has led to a bit of a lull in the ability to spot rare coins in your change. Hopefully those days will return soon though!

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