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Rare One Penny coins for sale – or find out what your One Penny coin might be worth. Pennies have been minted through the centuries so this is a selection of one penny coins that are currently being offered for the highest prices we can find. Now, that doesn’t automatically mean that they are worth the asking prices – that’s for you to decide. And last time we checked, these prices were seriously high – so not really within the budget range of most coin collectors.  Obviously there are the one penny coins that we still have in circulation – though probably rarely spend these days because they are worth so little (and with the COVID pandemic at the moment, hardly anyone wants to touch actual coins at all anyway) – and of course, the famous penny coins from previous monarchs that go back to the 18th Century. Finally, there are other very sought after one penny coins that go back to Anglo Saxon times when pennies were struck as hammered silver coins. Obviously you won’t find one of those in your change – but if you have a metal detector, they are amongst the holy grail of detecting finds – though hard to find because not only are they hammered quite thinly, but they were also cut up into small parts (so a halfpenny would originally have literally been a one penny coin cut in half).

The following are fine examples of rare coins that we have located based on Rare One Penny.

How much might a really scarce penny coin cost you?

Click any link below to find out more about the coin offered. Part of the fun at looking at some of these super expensive – sometimes super rare (but  sometimes simply super over priced) is to try and work out how the seller has arrived at the asking price they have set down.

Rare One Penny coins for sale

1935 1p One Penny Coin - Coin Collectors - swap

End Date: Friday Apr-30-2021 23:51:58 BST
Buy It Now for only: £199,000.00
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1943-P Australia One Penny - PR63 BN - PROOF

End Date: Sunday May-16-2021 12:49:38 BST
Buy It Now for only: £12,950.00
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1935 Australia One Half Penny - PCGS PR64 BN - PROOF

End Date: Wednesday Apr-21-2021 08:01:42 BST
Buy It Now for only: £10,000.00
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1915 One Half Penny

End Date: Thursday Apr-22-2021 04:12:23 BST
Buy It Now for only: £8,000.00
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1928 One Penny

End Date: Thursday Apr-22-2021 04:13:51 BST
Buy It Now for only: £8,000.00
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Full set of one penny coins 1900 - 1967 and including some from 1800s

End Date: Wednesday Apr-21-2021 16:22:13 BST
Buy It Now for only: £6,100.00
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Extremely Rare 1971 one Penny coins

End Date: Tuesday May-04-2021 18:19:06 BST
Buy It Now for only: £5,600.00
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1920 one penny

End Date: Sunday Apr-18-2021 12:41:58 BST
Buy It Now for only: £5,000.00
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